ZEROPOINT Compression & Benefits

What is compression?


During exercise, it is common for legs and feet to swell up and feel heavy. This is the result of the excess load on venous valves that carry blood to the heart.

Compression products keep the valves closed and allow better blood flow to the heart. Compression socks increase pressure in the leg tissue, enhancing blood and lymph circulation.


Medical grade graduated compression

At ZEROPOINT, we use only medical-grade graduated compression in all our socks, meaning the strongest compression is around the ankle, and the compression decreases gradually toward the top. The elasticity and compression levels are always designed for a specific use.

Top-grade materials and exact technological details make the socks uniquely functional and usable.

ZEROPOINT compression products offer you:

better performance, speedier recovery and help in preventing sports injuries


Benefits of compression for your performance, recovery and sports injury prevention

Compression affects the deep lymphatic system by creating external mechanical pressure. This provides a better flow in the system, so metabolic waste is removed faster and your muscles receive more oxygen. This results in better performance and a speedier recovery.


ZEROPOINT compression benefits during exercise:

  • more oxygen in muscles
  • metabolic waste is removed faster
  • supports muscle
  • prevents swelling
  • improves sense of movement and kinesthesia

ZEROPOINT compression benefits for recovery:

  • More efficient metabolism helps your system regain its balance faster after exercise

ZEROPOINT compression helps prevent injuries:

  • muscle cramps
  • shin splints
  • Achilles tendon inflammation
  • ankle problems

The effectiveness of compression has been clinically proven to have many uses besides sports and exercise


At work – leisure:

You have no doubt experienced swollen feet after sitting or standing for long periods of time at work, or when flying or driving. The normal fluid circulation is being hindered, and the result is swelling. ZEROPOINT compression socks are the answer because they prevent the swelling and feeling of tiredness.


Medical/therapeutic use:

Lymphatic problems and swelling • varicose problems during and after pregnancy • varicose veins • varicose ulcers • thrombosis • strokes • orthostatic hypotension • wheelchair users • diabetes • recovery from bypass operation • treatment of thigh fracture • growing pains