Compression Arm Sleeves


arms-measure Measure your bicep and forearm circumferences from the thickest part when your arm is relaxed.  

Compression Arm Sleeves Size Table

XS22-2621-238.5-10 8-9

Compression Arm Sleeves

34.90 €

Scientifically Optimized Compression for Intensive Sports and Recovery

Compression level: Medium (15-20 mmHg)

Zero Point Compression Arm Sleeves combine completely new science with the latest intensive sport and recovery technology. The graduated compression of the sleeve provides more oxygen and energy to your arms.

Zero Point Compression Arm Sleeves integrate cutting-edge technical features with high-quality materials, precisely targeted details, and optimized compression.

Zero Point Compression Arm Sleeves are created for exercise and recovery. In addition to enhancing blood and lymph circulation, the new sleeves speed recovery and help in prevention and treatment of sports injuries.

Zero Point Compression Arm Sleeves provide protection for your arms in intensive and physically demanding sports such as basketball and other team sports, CrossFit, and triathlons. Arm Sleeves also help maintain body temperature in changing weather conditions.

One package contains one pair of Compression Arm Sleeves.

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Compression Performance Calf Sleeves OX

Technical details:

  1. Comfortable fit & flex top band: keeps the sleeve comfortably in place.
  2. Provides a compressed fit
  3. Airflow mesh knit: Air ventilation construction inside the sleeve. Coolmax moisture-wicking material.
  4. Moisture management
  5. Optimal movement
  6. Padded protection knit
  7. Protects your skin from abrasions



Zero Point Real Graduated Compression.


  • Real: Medical compression pressure (mmhg).
  • Graduated: Compression gradually decreases upwards. This boosts the blood flow and lymphatic system activity.
  • Compression: Keeps its pressure and doesn’t change in use.

Compression Arm Sleeve Benefits

Zero Point Performance Compression Calf Sleeves are designed to bring more power and comfort to your performance.

  • Increased circulation and improved blood flow
  • Increased oxygen supply to muscle tissue
  • Reduced muscle strain and less exercise-induced muscle soreness of arms
  • Less lactic acid buildup in the arms during exercise
  • Improved energy, performance and recovery
  • Injury prevention


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Sports use

Before exercise
Wear arm sleeves for one hour before exercise to activate your muscles and metabolism and reduce the risk of injuries.

During exercise
Improved performance and stamina. Reduces muscle tension and makes your effort more pleasant and efficient.

Post exercise
For faster recovery, wear arm sleeves for 4-12 hours after exercise.

Dressing Instructions

Dress right to make your product last longer!

  • Reach your hand inside the sleeve.
  • Pull the sleeve inside and roll it gently up.
  • Check the elbow position


Wash after each use, 40℃, air dry. No bleach or machine drying